A Deep-dive into Negligent Hiring Claims with Criminal Checker

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3 min readMay 3, 2022

Negligent hiring entails more than just making a terrible hire. If a business owner in the United States “knew or should have known” that an applicant was a risk but hired them, they could be held liable for any harm caused by that employee. Although state laws vary, most require businesses to hire with “reasonable care” implying that they could be held liable if they hire someone who has displayed red flags that they would harm someone.

What is negligent hiring?

If a customer has been harmed by an employee and believes the behavior might have been predicted based on the individual’s record previous to their hire. In that case, they can file a negligence claim against the business owner. Consider the following scenario:

o A customer is robbed by an employee of a business. A background check showed that the employee had previously been convicted of many theft offenses.

A negligent hire might result in significant losses and high costs. Businesses lose over 75% of negligent hearing cases, resulting in compensation of millions of dollars. So, it’s essential to be on the safe side by performing criminal background checks.

How can criminal background checks help you avoid claims of negligent hiring?

One of the most effective strategies to avoid negligent hiring claims is conducting a criminal background check. Background search is simply smart business practice. They are critical for making a more well-informed hire, allowing you to focus on growing your business rather than dealing with potential problems.

How can you protect your business by performing criminal background checks using Criminal Checker?

When you hire a new employee, you must make certain that they are qualified. To avoid hiring the wrong person, make sure you conduct criminal background checks. Take every reasonable step to keep your employees, customers, and clients safe with “Criminal Checker”. Cloud Maven, Inc’s Criminal Checker application provides your organization with accurate data, allowing you to make impartial and well-informed decisions regarding new hiring applicants. Simultaneously make sure that your current staff still adheres to your company’s safety standards. Cloud Maven, Inc., a certified Salesforce ISV partner, has developed this easy-to-use solution to provide you with the most useful, detailed, and important information on job applicants and existing employees. The application offers instant criminal and eviction reports for businesses to perform criminal background checks against their job applicants, employees, and third-party contractors. Checking your candidate’s criminal background history is a must to protect your business and employees and should not be overlooked. With Criminal Checker, you can rest assured that you will receive a thorough criminal background check with a multi-jurisdictional court record search from all 50 states, including, Washington, D.C. In addition, a high-speed, multi-jurisdictional search of the national & local criminal record includes wants and warrants, court records, incarceration records, prison/ parole/release information, and drug trafficking and terrorism records.

Besides that, the application includes verification against the Social Security Administration Death Master File. It confirms the approximate state and year of the issuance of the applicant supplied in Social Security Number (SSN), when possible. You can search all 50 states, including Washington, D.C., several U.S. territories, and Native American tribes. It lets you check felonies, misdemeanours, traffic records, probation, parole, and release records. Get instant access to limited international criminal records from Interpol and other sources. You can also leverage our powerful heuristic alias name matching system to maximize accuracy by cross-referencing the scan with the alternative names of the applicant. we utilize multiple matching tools to uncover addresses, date of birth, and all known aliases, including maiden names and nicknames.

As you can see, now is the time to consider including criminal conviction checks into your employment process carefully. Avoid squandering your important time and effort on bad hires with Criminal Checker. Criminal Checker application is accessible on Salesforce AppExchange for a free 30-day trial period. Visit our website at https://www.cloudmaveninc.com to see how our solutions can help you to take your business to the next height.



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