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2 min readNov 1, 2021
Secure File Transport — Powered by BotDoc, Developed by Cloud Maven,Inc.

Does sending and receiving files without appropriate security bother you a lot? Look no further than SECURE FILE TRANSPORT, powered by Botdoc, for solving all your cyber security issues!

How important is File Security?

File Security plays a crucial role in today’s fast-forward online activities done via emails and drives for personal and business purposes. Different sectors like insurance, legal, healthcare, education, etc., contain sensitive information within the files. For delivering the documents to the correct destination and creating a user-friendly environment, end-to-end encryption is of great importance.

When does SECURE FILE TRANSPORT, powered by Botdoc, become effective?

Whenever we have to deal with risky passwords, pins, accounts, logins, software, or apps to transport files, that is when this native Salesforce application comes into action. This application is developed by Cloud Maven Inc., an ISV Salesforce partner and winner of the Salesforce Partner Innovation Award, 2021. It smoothens the file transfer process by making sending or receiving critical documents safer and simpler. Sensitive data can be in any file format or size, with no logins inside a Salesforce-protected environment accompanied by full data encryption.

How can SECURE FILE TRANSPORT, powered by Botdoc, transform your business?

Data protection within documents is done throughout the transfer process with the highest level of encryption, i.e., TLS and AES 256-bit encryption, on the go and at rest.

While maintaining the highest level of encryption from beginning to end, these files are transported securely by maintaining all necessary compliance requirements like HIPPA, FERPA, PCI DSS, SOC2, GDPR and, Privacy Shield, adding friction to the file transmission process.

As the sensitive information or data is transmitted directly from or into Salesforce, human errors are minimized without forgetting the passwords and other risky practices like email attachments, managing login information, and faxing. The system goes into automation by eliminating errors with hardly any human intervention throughout the action.

Another most significant factor in the case of document transfer is the real-time tracking of the incoming and outgoing files, which provides information to the sender and receiver for carrying out any business activity. It provides automatic file tagging for easier management of files.

By analyzing the reporting metrics and insights related to the files, this fully integrated and versatile solution smartly provides statistical details, charts and, graphs of every activity ranging from processing transactions to serving businesses, through an intuitive dashboard and API Integration, within the Salesforce environment.

Considering everything that SECURE FILE TRANSPORT, powered by Botdoc does, it guarantees improved customer experience over other secure file transfer solutions. The application is available on Salesforce AppExchange.

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