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3 min readFeb 10, 2022

The unprecedented Covid 19 times have made healthcare the focus of everyone’s attention around the globe. The ever-so-mutating Corona Virus has brought the entire globe to a standstill. It paved the way for a digital world with almost every activity done online with no hardships and more user-friendly. In such a scenario, the healthcare industry also needed a platform for safeguarding the hospital records by undertaking appropriate measures and implementing them as per the need. So, let’s plunge into the healthcare world and see how it can be managed!

How does HIPAA compliance assist the healthcare sector?

HIPAA compliance is a law that stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. It fostered potential standards for protecting the patient’s information pertaining to their health issues. This act helps secure patients’ sensitive data from getting exposed to unauthorized people without their permission to reduce healthcare abuse and fraud.

How does Secure Email, powered by Paubox impart security to healthcare providers and health plans?

Secure Email, powered by Paubox allows healthcare providers to fulfill HIPAA compliance, send and receive encrypted emails to a specific patient from start to finish through Salesforce. As a software solution provider company, Cloud Maven, Inc. has developed this application. It is the recipient of the 2021 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award and a certified Salesforce ISV Partner. This Salesforce native application ensures complete security with seamless and streamlined business workflow. Maintaining email encryption with no requirement for portals, passwords, or pins, utilizes TLS 1.2 and AES 256 encryption to safeguard the patient information on the go or at rest.

Through Paubox API Integration, it securely integrates emails in less time by sending a HIPAA compliant email to a particular patient. It consists of hassle-free email solution and carries out real-time analytics by improving patient outcome, building brand reputation and maximizing revenue. It is a HITRUST CSF-certified product, one of the elite-level security standards for data protection.

Cybersecurity risks pose a grave threat to the important and sensitive information present across various healthcare databases. The application improves communication by circulating confidential data to the patients and providing them with quick and easy revert through email within record time. It facilitates healthcare facilities to prevent understaffing and provides a unique solution that does not need workforce.

It incorporates sound security features with the help of Zero Trust Email and ExecProtect to avoid any ransomware attacks, phishing scenarios, and many more. It is a two-way secure email with no limits on the file size and can be sent to multiple recipients at once. With dynamic email templates, the emails sent are customized and possess automatic linking with follow-up email to enhance the prospect ROI and with higher email open rates pertaining to any business.

With the best user experience, this application provides secure and fast service at an affordable price, as emails can be deployed by making use of business email platforms and existing domains. It prevents business risks, as the competitors can get hold of confidential information present in emails. The information can be PHI, bank account number, credit card number, username, password and other vital information that can be stolen and misused. It avoids identity theft and unprotected backups due to complete encryption throughout the process.

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