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2 min readSep 16, 2021
Bank Connect Powered by plaid for seamless account verification and transaction

Are you facing any difficulty in managing financial accounts by any chance? Well then, BANK CONNECT, powered by Plaid, is the best solution to solve all your problems!

How does the Salesforce AppExchange application BANK CONNECT, POWERED BY PLAID, useful in business activities?

For reviewing bank account-related information, a modern approach needs to be followed wherein there should be no scope of error while performing such crucial tasks. Since bank statements can be manipulated, emails are insecure, and there is a huge risk of fraudulent activity disturbing the efficiency, this is when the Cloud Maven Inc. product comes to the rescue! The Salesforce native application acts as a bridge between the consumers and the merchant bank with the help of Plaid.

Who requires bank account transaction data?

A simple answer to this question is that the firms and banks need to monitor their bank account transaction data. The following purposes are the ones for which the transaction history matters the most:

  • Lending
  • Banking
  • Wealth
  • Business finances

With the help of Salesforce, the specific consumer can get easy access to their desired bank data and obtain a detailed bank account analysis.

In what way can you transform your business using BANK CONNECT, POWERED BY PLAID?

Plaid Integration plays a vital role in powering your financial life and connect it to the digital ecosystem. By easily providing access to popular services and finance apps, it helps to influence and retain the customers leading to business growth. With categorized transactions, personal finances improve the financial health of the user.

In the case of lenders, they must gather the borrower’s holistic income, balances, and asset history to prevent more effort for obtaining the same. With a seamless, easy, and streamlined experience, the borrower can search for variable banks that provide online loans, while the lenders can perform informed loan decisions.

Wealth-related issues are a matter of great concern if proper financial advice is not provided at the right time. In such a scenario, the firms can utilize financial advisors and wealth-management-related platforms. The user’s holding can also be improved just by understanding their investments.

Managing business finances, payroll, and accounting processes can be complex for customers and employees. With BANK CONNECT, powered by Plaid, bookkeeping and invoicing become better, and expenses are also simplified.

The application is available on Salesforce AppExchange. For more details regarding BANK CONNECT, powered by Plaid, visit our website to know more.



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