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4 min readFeb 17, 2022

It was estimated in 2020 that the world captured well over 1.4 trillion digital images per year; we can only assume that figure has grown significantly since then. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has increased its reliance on digital communication and information. In short, digital imagery is becoming increasingly entwined with our work, lives, and decision-making processes. Concurrently, advances in artificial intelligence and editing tools have made it possible to easily manipulate or completely synthesize media for malicious or deceptive purposes. This comparison of reliance and manipulation of digital media has real consequences on our world and society. COVID-19 accelerated a pre-existing trend in business: the digitization of financial and enterprise transactions, the majority of which require image capture/display as a critical component. Businesses and their customers benefit from digital transactions in terms of speed, ease, and convenience. However, one significant concern is trust — how can businesses and their customers be confident that financial decisions are being made based on high integrity and trustworthy imagery?

Digital manipulation of Images

While this may appear a little severe, photo manipulation techniques stretch back almost as far as the history of photography itself to the 19th century. Now with Photoshop, modern digital manipulation tools have advanced to unprecedented heights. Such tools can create fantastical images pixel by pixel, undetectable to the naked sight. It’s easy to see how even modest modifications may completely transform the narrative. For instance, a quick reorganization of words and characters on a document can modify dates, declarations and pricing amounts. Many individuals have relied on the photographic image as a true and accurate representation until now. This may be seen in the press and media, where controversies involving altered photographs being used as “fake news” are common.

Authenticate Images with Virtual Inspection

Authenticate your images by adding a trust layer to your digitized operations with Virtual Inspection. This helps with trust and efficiency while safeguarding your business and customers from fraud. Cloud Maven, Inc., a certified Salesforce ISV partner, has developed this most advanced application to accelerate your business, foster a healthy civil society, and combat misinformation. We accomplish this by bolstering the value of authentic images while also leading the fight against deceptive ones. Virtual Inspection is a digital inspection application that allows you to acquire verified, trustworthy photographs straight from your customers rapidly and efficiently inside Salesforce. It provides you with the same reliable results as traditional site inspections but with the added benefit of saving time and money while also enhancing productivity.

Who all can reap the benefits from Virtual Inspection:

· Insurance carriers — Instantly inspect all insured items, Virtual Inspection allows you to apply the approach to all policies. Improve customer happiness and extend your client base by providing a streamlined process that insureds may complete at their leisure.

· Warranty providers — Eliminate the potential of reusing the same photographs for several claims to reduce fraud. With the convenience of our remote inspections, introduce a tried-and-true approach for collecting claim images.

· Lenders — You can underwrite more loans in less time with a more efficient process and focus on expanding your business. You can also perform inspections on all types of loans to make informed underwriting decisions.

Cloud Maven, Inc. will offer you the best solution, no matter which industry you are in.

The application securely establishes the provenance of an image through its pioneering Controlled Capture technology. It ensures the integrity of digital images from the instant they are captured. It secures the capture process so that pixel contents and metadata including date, time, and location accurately represents the what, when, and where of the image on the dashboard. It then leverages Salesforce to preserve the integrity of the collected data, allowing a recipient to properly authenticate an image while keeping all of the provenance information intact. It will provide you with a report including statistical details, graphs and charts for each activity and you will be able to track all activities for each image in real-time inside Salesforce. Thus, images captured using Virtual Inspection’s technology have the highest level of trust. Furthermore, it performs over 20 verification checks, including reverse image lookup and picture-of-picture detection. Businesses can quickly establish trust with their customers, expedite their transactions and weed out fraud by using this application. With Virtual Inspection, you and your customers can be confident in what they see. At Cloud Maven, Inc., we aim to do our part in defending democracy against manipulation through visual deception by restoring trust in visual media. Virtual Inspection is available on Salesforce AppExchange for a free 30-day trial period. Visit our website ~ https://www.cloudmaveninc.com to find out more.



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