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How organizations are using SMS & eFax Guru for communication and going digital during Covid-19

SMS works as an effective way for small and large organizations for customer and employee engagement. Many organizations use SMS for hunting prospects or communicating, or getting feedback. However, a couple of organizations manage to make the best use of SMS communications.

SMS & eFax Guru is one of the products of Cloud Maven, Inc. The product has a wide variety of use cases with an enormous scope. It is designed to provide maximum returns at every stage, from reaching a new audience to getting new customers to retaining existing customers and getting feedback. The application helps you send and receive SMS & eFax right inside Salesforce from any standard or custom object. The application provides Conversational SMS, Automated SMS, Bulk SMS & eFax

Attain new customers:

Bulk SMS: Convey your message without any character limit in personalized SMS with dynamic templates. You can even respond to the text without navigating to the records. It also automatically filter contacts that do not have valid numbers.

You can also analyze the campaign’s effectiveness in SMS Dashboard and check sent, received, or delivered SMS and eFax.

Retaining Customers:

Two-way conversational texting: Respond to the recipient’s query with instant and accurate information. Also, you can customize the SMS workflow and set up automated responses according to business needs.

Instant response leads to an increase in customer satisfaction and trust and helps in maintaining a long-term relationship.

Speed up your data collection process by sending highly customized surveys, feedbacks, polls via Automated texting.

For so many years, people have used traditional fax machines for communication which offers to replace papers, ink, toners endless time, of course with maintenance costs. Fortunately, with SMS & eFax, you can automate the process, send and receive eFax instantly from any Salesforce object. It supports all file formats and is user-friendly and cost-effective.

What are the top-notch features of the product?

SMS & eFax is Salesforce native application and is available on AppExchange. Features of the application are:

  • Send personalized SMS, dynamic templates, or receive MMS quickly.
  • Respond to the text without navigating to the records via SMS Inbox
  • All the data will be stored inside Salesforce. Hence, it is reliable and secure.
  • Send and receive SMS & eFax directly from the Salesforce1 mobile app.
  • SMS opt-out, dark hour, incoming alerts, and delivery receipt are one of the features of the product.

Automate your business process and save hours of the day with SMS & eFax Guru. Get a free 3months trial. For more information, please get in touch with

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