How SMS & eFax Guru helps car dealership organizations save time and money efficiently

SMS & eFax Guru
  • Notifications, alerts, and reminders
  • SMS-based newsletters
  • New product/updates to any existing model
  • The SMS dashboard allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of a campaign. It allows you to track SMS and eFax sent and received easily.
  • SMS inbox allows responding to messages without navigating to the records. It also enables businesses to filter the messages according to business needs.
  • Allows sending MMS as an addition to a text message. It allows you to send multimedia files regardless of their size.
  • Recipients can use the SMS opt-out feature to allow or deny a sender to send a message simply by replying with START/ STOP.
  • Dark hour halts all scheduled SMS and not send them for a set period.
  • Provides alerts for each inbound SMS
  • Provides delivery receipt to ensure your message is delivered to customers successfully
  • Automates the SMS workflow using flow, trigger, and process builders to reduce human efforts
  • Users can port their texting line to our app while keeping their calling line untouched. It adds SMS capability to landlines that previously lacked it.



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