How SMS & eFax Guru Revolutionized the Healthcare Sector

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3 min readApr 12, 2023
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Need for SMS in the Healthcare Industry: SMS is a widely recognized way of communication in the healthcare sector. Senders can use SMS to send patients their appointment dates, test reports, prescriptions, appointment reminders, invoices etc. Time is precious in almost every industry, no more so than in the healthcare field. It’s estimated that missed appointments cost $170 billion every year in the United States, with up to 40% of appointments missed. That is why SMS Healthcare Solutions are a modern essential for hospitals, aged care facilities, area health services, outpatient facilities, medical and dental clinics, private practices, etc.

Business Challenge: In this modern era, hospitals are crowded with patients, doctors, nurses, technicians, and staff requiring communication and coordination between each other to perform their daily tasks. The major challenge faced by this industry includes:

  • Manual Process– Manually sending SMS, and following up with the patient through call, is time-consuming and costly. It is more labour intensive and can lead to human error.
  • Inconvenient — The patient has to wait in long queues for the documents. Even for internal document sharing, the networks are not secure.
  • Unable to collect feedback from the patient for future course of action
  • Difficulty in integration — Most platforms are difficult to use or require coding knowledge.
  • Email — Emails can get lost in spam folders or take longer to be delivered or get less response rates. All attachments are not supported in Email because of compliances.

The Approach: SMS & eFax Guru supports Conversational SMS, Bulk SMS, Automated SMS, and eFax. Using SMS & eFax Guru inside Salesforce, the Healthcare industry can eliminate the barriers they face while coordinating with each other or with patients.

  • Through Conversational SMS, doctors can directly send text messages to the patients, or patients can ask any query directly from the doctors.
  • The healthcare industry can automate communications to patients to set up medication reminders, appointment reminders, or alerts to changes in a situation based on triggers unique to each patient.
  • Using HIPAA-compliant two-way eFax, the healthcare industry can send and receive sensitive PHI data instantly and securely.
  • The healthcare sector can use Bulk SMS to send educational campaigns using dynamic templates to multiple recipients at once. It automatically filters out invalid contact numbers.
  • SMS & eFax Guru is easy to integrate and doesn’t require any coding knowledge, hence can be used by anyone.
  • Through Automated SMS Healthcare industry can customize the SMS workflow and use it to collect feedback, surveys and polls.
  • The healthcare sector can use SMS Bots to schedule appointments and send medication reminders and educational messages to the patients
  • SMS messages offer several advantages over Email, including instant delivery, high open rates, better engagement, mobile friendliness, and personalization
  • Other product features, like SMS inbox, dashboard, bot, hosted SMS, etc., help save time and increase efficiency.

Results: Whether it’s the hospital, general medical practice, dental practice, specialist office, pathology lab, clinic, psychology or mental health services, allied health center, physiotherapist, or chiropractor, you get accurate results through text messaging. By choosing and using SMS & eFax Guru, the results were:

  • Time and cost-effective
  • Simplified user experience
  • Enhanced Scalability

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