OFAC sanction screening: A critical step in the compliance process

  • Performs an unlimited number of OFAC checks on individuals and entities
  • Support batch processing (Screens a group/list of individuals or entities at once)
  • The application re-scans automatically daily
  • Smart matching algorithms for accurate matching
  • Its Advanced reporting metrics show businesses, whether potential or existing customers are sanctioned individuals or entities from restricted nations or territories by providing statistical insights, graphs, and charts for each activity
  • An OFAC dashboard is provided for easy report interpretation and monitoring. The OFAC dashboard provides a comprehensive report on your OFAC search
  • Screens all transactions against the OFAC sanction list
  • Provides updated OFAC rules, regulations, and notices from all the agencies
  • It automates the screening process
  • It saves time and is cost-effective
  • It saves all the data right inside Salesforce
  • It has a user-friendly and fully-customizable interface
  • Competitive pricing



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