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3 min readFeb 15, 2022

Keeping in step with the credit status of any business is a crucial and challenging task for many lenders and businesses that extend credit to companies. In that case, a commercial credit report can be beneficial.

Find out why a business credit report is essential and what’s inside a business credit report.

Why is a business credit report important?

A business credit report provides critical information about a company’s financial health and dependability. When a business submits a credit application, lenders will use a credit score to evaluate how much of a financial risk it poses. A high business credit score indicates that a company will consistently make on-time payments. This increases the likelihood that the company’s credit application will be approved and offered more competitive interest rates. Everyone, from vendors and suppliers to landlords and business partners, has access to this score. It can assist one company in determining whether another company is financially stable before entering into a long-term partnership or contract. All in all, entering into a contract with a company with a high business credit rating is often less risky than working with a partner who has not previously paid out loans on time.

What’s inside a business credit report?

Commercial Credit Checker combines credit, fraud, and compliance checks with the company’s background data in a single report, allowing you to make a credit decision swiftly. These comprehensive credit reports include data from multiple credit bureaus, such as:

· Business Info

· Risk Dashboard

· Business Facts

· Commercial Fraud Shields

· Payment and legal Filings Summary

· Bankruptcies

· Tax liens and Judgements

· Legal Filings

· UCC Filings

How incorporating Salesforce native application “Commercial Credit Checker” can aid in the automation of your credit reporting processes, allowing you to focus on growing your business?

Whether you’re extending credit to a business, offering a lease, or looking to improve the terms you receive on your contracts, a commercial credit report is essential in every case, so it’s imperative that your credit reporting processes assist you in making informed and accurate decisions. Our commercial credit reports are specifically designed to help you in making informed credit decisions so that you can protect your business from bad debt and outstanding invoices. Commercial Credit Checker handles everything from obtaining an accurate commercial credit report to helping you make an informed strategic decision. It simplifies the decision-making process by automating the credit reporting process, saving you time and increasing productivity. You can instantly pull commercial credit reports from major credit bureaus like Experian, Equifax, and Paynet without even leaving the safe and secure environment of Salesforce. It is easily configurable to run reports from any standard or custom Salesforce object. Users can pull data from any selected bureau and customize the report according to their specific business needs. The application can pull instant commercial credit reports on over 365 million businesses in 62 countries.

Besides that, our API-based solution facilitates easy integration, access to big data analytics platforms, and new data insights. One of Cloud Maven, Inc’s best-reviewed products, allowing you to access real-time, accurate, and trusted information. You can easily enhance your existing applications with data from international company databases using our highly scalable integration, giving you direct access to financial and credit risk data that aids in credit risk mitigation. This allows you to easily integrate the application into your workflow without writing any custom code. We assist your information system in meeting quality standards, so you are always one step ahead. Our expert’s quick and dependable execution backed by the industry’s best practices helps us achieve this. In addition, you can seamlessly connect with the DataMerch platform to search and report business fraud. The application lets you maximize your productivity while reducing credit exposure so take your business to new heights by focusing on your most critical business processes with Commercial Credit Checker.

At Cloud Maven Inc., we are driven to help you achieve your goals, leaving no stone unturned to automate the business processes that are robbing you of valuable resources. Commercial Credit Checker is available on Salesforce AppExchange for a free 30-day trial period. Visit our website ~ to learn more about Commercial Credit Checker.



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