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4 min readMar 2, 2022
SMS & eFax Guru

In business, consumer convenience and satisfaction are critical to your company’s success. So, for businesses, communication is necessary to appease current and prospective customers. Among all communication options, text messaging is the most preferred one. It is because text messaging is secure and reliable. It is evident that text messages have an open rate of 98% and are responded to in an average of 90 seconds of being received. Moreover, it keeps privacy unabashed for both sender and recipient. The risk of data theft is negligible in text messaging and it helps business owners to communicate critical and time-sensitive information.

Text messaging enables seamless person-to-person communication and propels effectively a company to new heights. However, the question remains: how to determine which platform will best suit your business while meeting all your major requirements?

If you are a Salesforce user, we recommend trying “SMS & eFax Guru.” It is a product by Cloud Maven, Inc., a Salesforce certified ISV partner. It intends to supply businesses with cost-effective, tailor-made software to automate business processes while reducing human error. Incorporating a business texting application without first learning about its capabilities and features must be a critical decision for any firm. Keeping this in mind, we devised a solution to meet your needs.

SMS & eFax Guru is a feature-rich automated Salesforce-native tool with various advantages at a reasonable price. It astounds you with its unrivaled advantages. It supports Conversational SMS, Bulk SMS, Automated SMS, and eFax.

Conversational SMS

One of the most important aspects of excellent customer service is that brands make themselves available at the convenience of their customers. In conversational SMS, customers are prioritized over brands, ensuring that customers can receive a response from a brand at any time of day or night.

It lets you have one-on-one texting with customers. The customer gets ecstatic since they receive an immediate response which leads to customer satisfaction and impacts the firm positively.

Bulk SMS

When your goal is to reach a large audience in a short period, Bulk SMS is the most valuable and cost-effective marketing technique you can rely on. The application lets you send a personalized message using dynamic templates to multiple recipients. It also has an advanced feature that automatically filters out invalid contacts. Many firms use this for sales promotion, marketing campaigns, distributing discount coupons or vouchers, and launching new products.

Automated SMS

Automated SMS allows you to configure automated predefined messages according to the business needs. The primary advantages of SMS automation are as follows:

• It allows you to customize the SMS workflow, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

• It enables you to run far more sophisticated campaigns than would otherwise be impossible.

An automated follow-up will be sent automatically whenever a recipient takes action. Automated SMS can be used in sending highly customized surveys, feedback, polls, reminders, OTPs, pre-qualifying leads, capturing new leads, and much more.

It also supports SMS Bot campaigns. SMS Bot helps businesses in engaging with customers by sending automated texts and responses based on specific keywords and responses. It will be available to you 24*7. Even if you are not present, it will respond to customer inquiries based on how they are set up. The best thing about SMS bots is that they can handle more complex tasks. And, if properly configured, it can handle routine customer requests and send messages to your customers without involving your customer service representatives.


The application also supports sending and receiving HIPAA compliant fax. It is a significant improvement over the typical large fax machine, which frequently necessitates the purchase of toner, paper, and ink, as well as a costly phone line and upkeep. You may save a lot of space, money, and time by using an eFax. It allows you to send a file of any size and type.

SMS & eFax Guru does not stop there. It has some incomparable top-notch features, making it a win-win situation for enterprises. Let’s take a quick look at those elements.

The significant features of the application are:

  • Send personalized SMS, dynamic templates, or receive MMS quickly
  • Respond to the text without navigating to the records via SMS inbox
  • All the data will be stored inside Salesforce. Hence it is reliable and secure
  • Send and receive SMS & eFax directly from the Salesforce1 mobile app
  • SMS opt-out, dark hour, Incoming alerts, and delivery receipt are some of the features of the product

SMS & eFax Guru maximizes your return on investment by reaching out to new audiences and retaining existing ones. We received the prestigious Salesforce Partner Innovation 2021 award as a result of our efforts. Withstanding the test of time in providing exceptional customer service and highly effective software at a reasonable price. SMS & eFax Guru is suitable for every business size, whether small, medium, or large. It is the most user-friendly SMS communication and marketing tool available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

We provide a try-before-buy program to make it easier for your organization to make a decision. We hope you had a good time reading the blog.

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