In today’s digital age, the importance of SMS is growing, as they have become a vital element of every company’s operation. SMS assists small and medium-sized enterprises in maintaining a balance in business activities between existing customers and business owners. First, let’s look at how this strategy benefits enterprises!

How can the firms carry out business operations with the help of SMS?

SMS is an efficient tool for small and medium-sized enterprises to engage their customers and employees. Many businesses utilize SMS for prospecting, communicating, and obtaining feedback. Diverse SMS services are offered to ensure the long-term success of various business activities. SMS provides improved communication between different customers and businesses because it has a higher response rate than emails. SMS can be easily automated and save time with a cost-effective method by combining them with CRM solutions.

How does SMS & eFax Guru ensure a boost in conducting business activities through texting?

SMS & eFax Guru is a Salesforce native business texting solution that allows you to send and receive SMS, MMS and fax from any Salesforce custom or standard object. By using triggers, APIs, apex, workflows, and process builders, the application gets automated, and the user can send or receive customized text messages. As it can be used as a platform for SMS, it allows businesses to expand their reach and communicate with their customers more quickly. Conversational Texting, Bulk Texting, and fully Automated Texting are all available within this Salesforce application and has a very user-friendly interface.

Conversational SMS lets you have a two-way text message in which the recipient can respond to the sender’s message. Bulk SMS allows senders to send personalized SMS to many recipients using dynamic templates, and it automatically filters out contacts who do not have legitimate phone numbers. Inside Salesforce, the solution delivers automated SMS, allowing you to simply customize the SMS workflow to match your needs.

As a certified Salesforce ISV Partner and the proud winner of the 2021 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award, Cloud Maven, Inc. offers SMBs to acquire new clients and retain the existing ones. The user can simply send and receive MMS through this app which makes it differ from other existing SMS solutions. The users can type up to 3000 characters, helping the business owners to carry out their client interaction more efficiently and target the desired audience.

Other SMS solutions take roughly 3–4 hours to deliver bulk SMS for leads who apply during off-business hours, but the native application cuts that time in half and improves SMS queueing. It offers a configurable SMS dashboard that tracks delivered SMS, count of inbound and outbound messages, and a summary of sent, received, and failed messages.

The following are some of the application’s best features:

  • Mobile responsive texting allows users to send SMS on the go through the Salesforce1 mobile app without a stand-alone application.
  • Filters SMS conversations by the user and navigates directly to a record from the SMS inbox.
  • Flow, trigger, process builder, or workflow are all used to automate SMS.
  • SMS bot allows users to send keyword-based automatic triggered messages are effective for acquiring new leads, pre-qualifying leads, collecting responses from surveys, and acquiring new leads.
  • Provides best-in-class support in a shorter period of time
  • SMS opt-out, hosted SMS, dark hour, delivery receipts, along with all the incoming alerts

All in all, this solution enables an increase in customer satisfaction and systematically enhances business activity. Do follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter and visit Salesforce AppExchange, for a free 30-day trial. For more information related to the product, contact:




We exist for one simple reason: To help startups and enterprises big and small embrace evolving technologies with confidence.Website:

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Cloud Maven, Inc

Cloud Maven, Inc

We exist for one simple reason: To help startups and enterprises big and small embrace evolving technologies with confidence.Website:

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