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3 min readFeb 8, 2022
Secure File Transport by Cloud Maven, Inc.

Data protection plays a key role when transferring any document from one location to another. In such rapidly modernized times, technology has diversified itself through digital means by providing appropriate measures to tackle data breach situations. For this, let’s understand how vital data protection in business is!

Why is data protection important?

The basic definition of data protection is to secure any information within the system that acts as a carrier for transmitting them across different points. It protects sensitive and critical data from being exposed to the outer world. As the amount of data created and stored continues to grow at unprecedented rates, the objective of data protection grows. Information security has always been critical as the estimated number of computing devices grows each year and computing becomes more complicated.

What role does HIPAA compliance play while protecting sensitive information?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a legislative act that mandated the adoption of federal standards to prevent sensitive healthcare data from being revealed without the knowledge or approval of the patient. It safeguards medical information and applies to healthcare practitioners, data processors, pharmacies, and other businesses that come into contact with it. The HIPAA legislation attempted to regulate data protection procedures throughout the healthcare industry when it was enacted. Because the healthcare business is dynamic, this crucial regulation has been changed several times to ensure that it remains updated and capable of addressing difficulties that have developed due to changing technology.

How does Secure File Transport-Powered by Botdoc perform data protection through HIPAA compliance?

Cloud Maven, Inc., a certified Salesforce ISV Partner and the proud winner of the 2021 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award, has developed a unique and robust solution for keeping confidential documents safe yet avoiding exposure. Secure File Transport-Powered by Botdoc, sends and receives the files with sensitive information by providing full end-to-end encryption on the move and at rest making things fully compliant with multiple regulatory agencies such as GDPR, SOC2, HIPAA, and many others within Salesforce protected environment. Through an intuitive dashboard, the user can obtain details of the files pertaining to its size, format, and various attributes. The details include number of file requests by type, status of those files, average request completion, total files requested and transported across the Salesforce medium.

It involves no PINs, passwords, logins, accounts, apps, or software for downloading files with important information. It enables you to securely send and receive sensitive consumer data by configuring send methods with two-factor authentication. It is a versatile solution that effortlessly secures your data in transit and at rest with TLS 1.2 & AES 256-bit encryption. This native Salesforce app eliminates anguish with secure email, debugging customer logins with portals, long delays, and human mistakes.

The solution safeguards valuable medical data, lowers development costs, fulfills current standards, and protects healthcare business from cyberattacks by tracking the files in real-time. The user can request a required document through file request automation from the end-user. The HIPAA compliant safeguards patient medical records and Protected Health Information (PHI) by allowing an individual to request a copy of his medical record so that he can check it and make any necessary repairs if an error has snuck into the system inadvertently. It establishes the rules, techniques, and practices that the health-care business must adhere to safeguard data during storage, accessibility, and transfer.

The significant benefit of using this user-friendly application is that it guarantees an improved customer experience compared to other file transfer solutions. It saves operational costs and works 50% faster with enhanced cyber security resilience. The users are provided with a free 30-day trial period, as this application is available on Salesforce AppExchange. For further queries, please contact: and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.



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