The healthcare industry eliminated email security issues with Secure Email — Powered by Paubox

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2 min readMar 22, 2023
Secure Email

The need for Secure Email in the Healthcare industry — With sensitive information transmitting between hospital staff, doctors and patients daily, it is of critical importance to ensure that the patient’s data is not accidentally exposed to outsiders. Secondly, it was imperative to safeguard patients and hospital staff from an increasing number of malicious emails.

The Objective: The goal was to provide patients and hospital staff with an email security solution and secure them from phishing attacks.

Business Challenge: The healthcare industry cannot work properly without email security. On a large scale, it is impossible to protect the industry from data breaches without a proper email solution.

Cybersecurity issues faced by Health care industry are as follows:

  1. A rise in data breaches and security issues during Covid-19.
  2. Phishing scams due to lack of encryption and secure email solution
  3. Access to staff and PHI data to hackers due to lack of secure communication and storage of data

The Approach: Secure Email — Powered by Paubox, is the easiest way to send and receive encrypted emails inside Salesforce without the need for pins and passwords or portals to log in. Emails are encrypted by Paubox using TLS 1.2+ protocol and AES 256 encryption protecting against email threats, including malware, forged email, and phishing attack. Top-notch features of products to secure sensitive data are as follows:

  1. Compliance — HIPAA and HITRUST compliance ensures that the healthcare industry maintains the privacy of patient’s sensitive information
  2. Automation — Humans need to be trained and educated about email security to reduce manual errors. Automation using, flows, apex, and triggers eliminates human error and streamlines the process.
  3. Email Templates — Secure Email — Powered by Paubox, also supports dynamic email templates, sends email to multiple recipients with no limit on file size, and marks recipients in cc and bcc.

Results: It is now the time for the healthcare industry to take a patient-centric approach for the encryption and security of patient’s data. How healthcare industry benefited from Secure Email- Powered by Paubox?

  1. Time and cost-effective — Automation helped in saving time and cost.
  2. Fully customized dashboard — helped in tracking sent and received emails in real time.
  3. Requires no pins, passwords, or portals to log in to
  4. Compliance — HITRUST CSF and HIPAA maintain all necessary compliance requirements.
  5. Provides end-to-end encryption- Emails are encrypted by Paubox which protects the classified information at the destination inbox.



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