Trust “Bank Connect (Powered by Plaid)” for a seamless Bank Transaction and income verification

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4 min readJul 7, 2021

With so many digital financial tools swamping the market nowadays, is it difficult to decide which one to lay hands on? Then look no further, Salesforce has a unique and reliable solution to all your questions: Cloud Maven,Inc.’s Bank Connect, which is powered by Plaid.

What is the Role of Digitalization in banking institutions?

“Digitalization is no longer an option; it is a necessity and is here to stay. COVID-19 has accelerated the digital transformation of industry especially of banks and financial institutions. Digitally secured financial data with quick, convenient access will make customers confident and embrace digitalization.

Remember, time and money are the essence of everything for your customer. Standing in a bank line for a verification is so outdated. Application Program Interfaces (APIs) are being scaled up and integrated in the new banking services and products that are being offered for a seamless user experience. With digitalization existing products and services will be revamped, to offer the customers great solutions and overwhelming experience.

Why trust “Bank Connect” to make smooth Transactions and track finances with Plaid integration?

What is Plaid? Plaid is a technology platform that serves as a bridge between the consumers and financial institutions. This platform has a group of tools that helps the developers to connect with the bank accounts to execute payments along with managing risks.

With Bank Connect (powered by Plaid), the user can authenticate and connect their bank accounts to an application and work its functionality via app. It is an advanced bank verification application. It helps in enabling lenders to verify a potential borrower’s banking information online instantly, including transactions, balances, income, and investment, etc. all in real-time. Trust Plaid to stay connected with credit cards, investment accounts, bank accounts, loans to have a complete access to your transactions and account balance. To add an extra layer of protection, use Plaid to verify account ownership.

Plaid integration works globally too. You can now expand your business worldwide. A user can have real-time access to account information for over thousands of financial institutions in the USA, UK, Canada, France, Ireland, Netherlands, and Spain.​

With Salesforce Plaid integration, this product offers personalized customer-centric solutions to match the needs of every business. This enhances the efficacy and acts as a bridge to improve operational efficiency. Also, it instantly and accurately verifies identity and account information authenticating the borrower. The user can also review recent transactions to make informed risk decisions with this product.

Let us walk you through the several benefits that you will be entitled to with the digital integration

For wealth management platforms and financial advisors, Bank Connect (powered by Plaid) is a total game-changer as it consolidates all the information in one frame to offer knowledgeable financial advice. If you want those AUM numbers to grow exponentially then trust this product to make a wealth of difference.

To streamline the complete process of lending and borrowing, Bank Connect has a notable feature as it offers a holistic image of the borrowers to the lenders to make informed decisions. At the same time, borrowers can connect to their banks hassle free and receive the capital in a blink of an eye.

Who can seek benefits from Cloud Maven,Inc. “Bank Connect” Salesforce Plaid Integration?

  1. FinTech sector: Establishing the businesses connectivity into the plaid platform is simple. And businesses can trust Salesforce Plaid integration, to amplify their services offering a safe experience to users.
  2. Consumers: By having a direct connect with the financial institutions, the customers are sure to get a faster access, enhanced security, analytics, and a bigger institution pick list.
  3. Banks: Due to lack of funding and resources, small time banks are often struggling to create a dedicated API for having a direct link with other institutions and applications. Now with Salesforce Plaid integration, smaller banks can create their presence in the FinTech ecosystem.

The million-dollar question, why Cloud Maven,Inc.?

Cloud Maven, Inc. is a certified Salesforce ISV Partner with more than 2000+ installations and is based in New York.​ We are Salesforce’s Silver Consulting Partner and dynamically growing within the Salesforce ecosystem. Our integration process, right from* customizations to configurations, is organic and has stood the test of time in this industry. We believe in building long term relationships with our clients and partners through our unique proposition and industry leading expertise.​

Bank Connect is available on Salesforce AppExchange. Visit our website to see more advantages you can earn from Bank Connect.



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