Working With Salesforce Secure File Transport: What To Expect?

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2 min readJun 1, 2021

Most of the growing companies see themselves end up in a position where upgrading to another technology becomes quite imperative. There’s no doubt, with expansion comes responsibility. When a company has more sales in a year, and the inflow-outflow of money is substantial than ever, perhaps the company has a strong salesforce. However, responsibilities never end. It only grows! That being said, it’s crucial to ensure that the information or documents transferred with the team are well encrypted, unopen to scams or loss. So how do you go about it?

With growth, you would want to speed up the process efficiently and safely. You have a lot of data to transfer, and that must be shared with the salesforce with great confidentiality. Catering to all those needs, we have Salesforce Secure File Transport everything you need for data transmission to and from the salesforce. Let’s take a look at this application and what it offers.

What Is Salesforce Secure File Transport?

Cloud Maven’s Secure File Transport lets you share and receive critical data directly with the salesforce with complete data encryption. This means your important data such as information or documents won’t have to deal with passwords, PINS, apps, logins, and others. The highest level of security will be maintained throughout the process, beginning to the end.

What’s more, it requires almost no manual operations because it’s fully automated. So, be assured of on-time data transmission, whether it’s your email attachments or anything else. Since human involvement is minimal, errors or forgetting passwords are no more a matter of concern. All in all, it adds friction to the process, making it a more straightforward and safer way to transfer or receive any document with your salesforce team.

Salesforce Secure File Transport Offerings

Encrypted data transfer: Whether on the go or at rest, the data is protected with the TLS and AES 256 bit encryption — the highest level of encryption.

Reporting metrics: Statistical information, charts, and graphs of every activity can be reported efficiently with guaranteed experience and other secure file transfer solutions.

Analysis of reporting metrics: The insights, graphs, charts, and other details of every activity can be analyzed.

Real-time file tracking: Performs real-time monitoring of activities in your salesforce environment for file transmission.

Reduced risk of error: Manual process is replaced by automation. It minimizes risky practices such as managing login information, email attachments and faxing.

The Bottom Line

Ensuring smooth organization activities is essential for efficient and effective business continuity. Salesforce Secure File Transport can help your venture in remarkable ways. It is a futuristic solution for all your data transfer and encryption needs. Avoid missing the mark; equip your salesforce with an appropriate application straight away! If you have any questions, check out Cloud Maven’s FAQ page or get in touch with us.

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